Single short coil


Single short coil

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103 single mini coil liner. Has a distressed powdercoat finish, 14 wrap short coil on a iron cor. Speed bar, custom binder and a fatty 10/32 contact screw. Good for up to 11 liners. Guaranteed for life


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Belaire mini

This one is from 2021 never posted it. Belaire mini liner in anodized red. Has 8nwrap custom coils on iron cores. Black oxide hardware and a copper contact screw, good for 5 to 14 liners from 5 to 7.5 volts loaded. Guaranteed for life...

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Amr classic Jonsey

136 Amr classic liner in solid brass. solid one piece frame with a custom antique finish, 8wrap shorty zig zag coils on iron cores with a 1/4 iron yoke and a matching iron abar. Brass hardware and a copper contact screw.good for 3 to 11 liners from 4.5 to 8.5...

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#6 of 2022 New Pentagram for this year. This one is a shader/ color packer. Has a custom finish with a satin clear powder top coat. 8 wrap coils on iron cores and $2 bill coil wraps, brass hardware and a copper contact screw. Good for up to 19 mags...

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Amr Bulldog lightweight

146 modified Amr aluminum bulldog liner in a solid aluminum. Custom powdercoat finish over highly polished frame. 6 wrap zig zag coils on 1-1/8 iron cores with a iron yoke. Nickel hardware and a copper contact screw. Good for 3 to 14 liners from 4.5 to 8.5 volts loaded. Guaranteed...

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