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  • Gene Budowski


    I bought the 163 mini booster liner I used it for a tight five on this bear I believe I had to run it at 8 volts. I love it so far man! Pretty smooth! Love the sound. Super unique design as well.

  • Scotty 2X

    Tattooing since ‘95

    What can I say?...Truth is Chris is an absolute machine building maestro! From the unique tube vice that keeps the thumbscrew off your hand to all the different styles of frames with some of the sickest finishes around, he’s one of the best machine craftsmen in our industry right now with plenty of knowledge and experience to back it up! If you your looking for a quality machine, liner or shader, that punches way above its weight class and has the looks that kill, then look no further. Chris always has plenty of killer machines on hand to purchase off his website or you can get one custom made and he’ll deliver the goods! Trust me you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Chris for making my job easier and more enjoyable! Aways a pleasure doing business with you and I really enjoy collecting your machines...not to mention your Instagram feed has me hooked...truly inspirational!

  • @denver_riddle_tattoos


    I’ve had one of your machines for about 6 months now and it’s by far one of my favorite machines I’ve used. It’s so versatile. I can turn it down and run 3’s and tight 5’s or turn it up a bit and it effortlessly pushed traditional 14’s and 18’s. And on top of that it’s very light and easy on the grip. I definitely plan on scooping up a couple more! Thanks for such a well built machine!

  • Zack Smith


    I have had three of my machines rebuilt by chris. After he worked his magic, he brought my machines to life. I am more then happy with the work he has done. He communicated with me threw the whole process, sending me updates on each machine and got my machines to running to my liking. I will definitely continue doing business with chris gove. I recommend his machines to anyone.

  • @johnnyt573


    There is a Govè machine in my set up daily. Straight drivers! No BS. Since day one, I get dialed in and just go. Great communication and quality goods all day, every day! Thanks for what you do Chris. I appreciate you grindin' so i we can too, no hesitations!

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