About Handmade Machines By Chris Gove

About Chris Gove

My goal is to directly provide the tattooers of this industry I have dedicated most my life to with handmade tools that I make in house, believe in and stand behind 100%.

I been tattooing for twenty years professionally in Southern California and building machines for artist all over the world for the last ten of those twenty years! In the beginning of my career I would buy frames n parts from companies like National Tattoo and Spaulding and Rodgers to put together the tools I needed to tattoo with! It eventually lead to building my own machines, then building and tuning my friends, coworkers and peers machines and so on! Something about making my own tools that has always fascinated me. I take a lot of pride in designing my frames to wrapping each and every coil I put on my frames! I build tattoo machines for all types of tattooers, solid running, reliable daily drivers you can count on to make your days of tattooing easier.

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